Photographs from CamJam

All the photographs below were taken by Jennifer Deegan at the September 2015 Cambridge Raspberry Jam. Permission is given to use these photographs for promoting CamJam and also Raspberry Pi & Raspberry Jams in general. Please ensure that attribution to Jennifer is given wherever the photographs are used.

Mark Calleja from HackLabUK runs a workshop (2 photographs)

HackLab workshop in progress 1 Hacklab workshop in progress 2

A busy foyer & mezzanine at the Cambridge Raspberry Jam

Busy Jam 1 Busy Jam 2 Busy Jam 3

Photographs from the Marketplace

The Pi Hut stand with kids 4tronix robots Pimoroni stand Ragworm stand

CamJam Workstations on display and in use in the Upper Library

Workstation with child Workstation Library with kids Library

Show-and-Tell exhibits

Zoetrope Carousel Ferris Wheel Ipswich Makerspace overview Ipswich robot with child Playing with the BB-8 Robin Newman and Sonic Pi Sonic Pi and IQaudIO