Welcome to the Cambridge Raspberry Jam – CamJam!

Cambridge Raspberry Jam is an event and meet-up for those interested in the Raspberry Pi family of computing devices and other technologies which encourage making and education. More information is available here.

We also run a Raspberry Jam in Bedfordshire known as Potton Pi & Pints and we also hold Pi Wars, a Raspberry Pi-based robotics challenge event.

Mailing list

Keep up to date with news about CamJam, forthcoming events and ticket availability by signing up to our mailing list.

Forthcoming Jams

CamJam 4_large_smOur next CamJam is likely to be a Potton Pi and Pints sometime in July/August once we've recovered from Pi Wars!

Our YouTube channel

Many of the talks have been recorded. You can view a growing selection of them by visiting our YouTube channel.

Code of Conduct & Access for All

Please make sure you read our Code of Conduct before attending one of our events.

Does your son or daughter have special educational needs? We would like to help. Please read our Access for All policy and let us know when booking.

CamJam EduKits


CamJam, in association with and through the The Pi Hut, sells electronics kits to support the goals of the Jam. Primarily using the Python language, these kits help you to get started with physical computing. Starting at just £6, there are three kits available from The Pi Hut:

  1. Starter - a basic kit to help you light up LEDs, detect button presses and sound a buzzer working towards a Traffic Light project.
  2. Sensors - our second kit featuring sensors to detect movement, light and temperature.
  3. Robotics - build your very own remote control and autonomous robot.

All the kits are accompanied by downloadable worksheets which not only tell you what to do but why you should and how it works!

More information about the kits, and where to get them, is available here.