Birthday CamJam 2024 – Saturday, 2nd March

The first ever Raspberry Pi computer was released 12 years ago, but its birthday was February 29th! So while its 12 years old, this is only the third time we have been able to throw it a proper bumper Birthday Party 🎈🥳

​This CamJam is being hosted at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (at the William Gates Building) with the support of Raspberry Pi.

Get your tickets to the Jam here! If you would like to join us for workshop(s) (see the list below), you will need to pre-book your tickets separately.


​We are going to be offering an assortment of activities, which will include:

  • Talks – aimed at a variety of different abilities and on a variety of different topics.
  • Workshops – to allow participants to learn and practice skills.
  • Show and Tell – an area for makers to show off their projects and talk to participants about them.
  • Visit the marketplace – The Raspberry Pi store will be here in miniature form!
  • Enjoy coffee, soft drinks, and a light lunch at our cafe (cash preferred to card, if you can), or bring your own packed lunch.


​10:30 – The early days of Raspberry Pi – keynote by Pete Lomas

​11:40 – Modifying retro Acorn computers with Raspberry Pi – Robert Franklin

​12:40 – Young makers show and tell

​13:20 – Pi Wars history – Mike Horne

​14:20 – Eben Upton, Gordon Hollingworth, James Adams, Matt Richardson – panel Q&A about Raspberry Pi Hardware and Software

​15:30 – Growing up with the Raspberry Pi – Bill Corteil

​16:00 – Raspberry Pi Microscope – Salavat Magazov​


​10:15 – Experience Al
​11:30 – Intro to Raspberry Pi Pico
​12:45 – Flying Disc workshop
​14:00 – Experience Al
​15:15 – Intro to Raspberry Pi Pico

Book tickets to the workshops here.